What do I do to start the buying process?

Buying Your First Home Should Be Fun

Purchasing your first home is a big life decision and can be stressful at times.There are, however, ways to help reduce your stress and even have some fun buying your first home. There is a First Time Home Buyer Plan (tax credit) available to you if you meet the criteria. The tax credit can help alleviate the overall cost of your home. A MUST before starting the buying process is to pursue a mortgage pre-approval — so you’ll know how much you can afford to spend and have more negotiating power with the home seller.

There are many online resources at your disposal to help in the process of getting a mortgage, navigating the first time homebuyer tax credit, and completing your purchase. 

First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit

How do you qualify? 
First-time Home Buyers' Tax Credit


In order to be eligible for the First-time Home Buyers' Tax Credit, your HOME must meet the following requirements: 

- Be a single, semi, townhouse, mobile home, condo, or apartment 
- Be within Canada
- Be an existing or new home
- Can include a share in a co-operative housing corporation that gives you possession of the home
- You must intend to occupy the home within one year of purchase
- You or your spouse must purchase a qualifying home 
- The home must be registered in either your name or your spouse's name 
- You cannot have owned a home in the previous four years 
- You cannot have lived in a home owned by your spouse in the previous four years 
- You must present documents supporting the purchase of the home